Mushrooms – B+ Cubensis – B Plus Dried Mushroom


B+ Cubensis Strain
Most popular strain among the psychedelic community.
Warmer visuals and spiritual trips.
Consistent quality
B+ is known to provide warmer visuals and spiritual trips. Among the psychedelic community, the B+ Cubensis strain has some of the most positive feedback.


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Psilocybe Cubensis B+ mushrooms have gained immense popularity as one of our best-selling strains of magic mushrooms, receiving outstanding feedback from users. Ideal for beginners, first-time trippers, and experienced shroomers alike, this variant is sure to provide a remarkable experience. However, it’s essential to exercise caution while consuming B+ Magic Mushrooms – beginners should carefully measure their dosage to avoid adverse effects, while experienced users should be aware of their limits.

An Introduction to B+ Magic Mushrooms
B+ magic mushrooms belong to the Psilocybe Cubensis species and are renowned for their psychedelic properties. The primary active components in these mushrooms are psilocybin and psilocin, resulting in a truly artistic experience. The versatility of the Cubensis species makes it a perfect choice for combining with a bit of weed and enjoying a relaxing evening with the right dose.

Safe Usage Guidelines
For a safe and enjoyable experience, it’s essential to follow appropriate dosage guidelines:

Mild: 0.75 grams to 1.25 grams
Medium: 1.5 grams to 2.5 grams
Full: 2.5 grams to 3.5 grams

Effects of the Best-Selling Strain
Mushrooms containing psilocybin often lead to mood and sensory changes, which may sometimes be challenging. Users might experience intense and even frightening emotions, coupled with hallucinations that could be either pleasant or disturbing. On the other hand, many individuals have profound spiritual experiences through mushroom usage. The effectiveness of these mushrooms depends on various factors like species, dosage, and the user’s mood. It might take some time to achieve the desired results for some people.

Some effects of B+ Cubensis include:

Subtle auditory hallucinations
Warm and pleasant visual and bodily experiences
A sense of euphoria
High doses may cause stomach upset, particularly for beginners
Ideal strain for spiritual trips
Important Warning
B+ Cubensis comes with certain additional risk factors, especially for individuals with a family history of psychotic episodes. It’s crucial to adhere to dosage guidelines for a pleasant and problem-free experience.

Note of Caution
The consumption of Psilocybe Cubensis family mushroom products is not entirely risk-free. It’s essential to ensure you are not prone to other risk factors to enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience with shrooms.

B+ History
The origins of Psilocybe Cubensis B+ are uncertain, but it is believed to have been developed by an individual cultivator named Mr. G. from Florida. Since the ’90s, this rare strain has gained immense popularity within the cultivation community and holds the title of the most sought-after strain.

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