CBD Tincture (Almond) 350mg 30 ml

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How to Use:

  • Sublingually, leave under your tongue for 90 seconds or longer if needed, until liquid is fully absorbed.

Recommended Dosage:

  • 1-3 Full droppers a day. The best approach is to start small and adjust accordingly to your health needs. This process is called “finding your subjective therapeutic window”, we also suggest keeping a journal to track your own progress and dosages.

Ingredients and Taste:

  • Contains 99% CBD isolate, sweet almond oil & limonene terpene.
  • Allergy Warning- Contains citrus.
  • Natural honey and lemon.
  • Very mild in taste.

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Recommend for:

  • The perfect introduction to CBD tincture usage.
  • Specializes in: Relaxation, stress- relief, anxiety & mild symptom alleviation.
  • Customers who are new to CBD and are looking to learn how it will affect/benefit them.
  • People with mild medical symptoms.